Snow and Ice Melt Systems


When you live in the Chicago area, snow and ice are facts of life in the winter months. But how you manage them at your home is entirely up to you. As beautiful as they both are when peering at them from inside your home, walking on snow- or ice-covered surfaces is a very different story. They can produce dangerous conditions for you, your family, and your friends.

At Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer snow and ice melt systems to help make snow and ice removal easy here in Tinley Park, IL, and surrounding South Suburbs.

What Is a Snow and Ice Melt System?

A snow and ice melt system is a process for removing snow and ice from various surfaces. There are two methods used in this process—the electric system and the hydronic system.

The electric method utilizes cables embedded below the designated surface(s) to melt the snow and ice, preventing them from building up or freezing. The hydronic system instead lodges tubing that contains circulating warm fluid under the intended surface(s).

These target areas can be mapped to be as large as you would like, say an entire driveway. Or if you would prefer, you could simply mark off tire tracks, a walkway, or a set of steps leading to your porch. This system’s boundaries are highly flexible to fit your individual needs and budget.

Through in-ground sensors, the melt system detects the snow and ice, heating the area, then melting whatever is there. Snow and ice melt works well under asphalt, concrete, and pavers.

Why Use It?

There are several reasons to invest in a snow and ice melt system for your Illinois home—the main one being the safety issue. Snow and ice can build up wherever you, your family, and friends walk, leading to significant slip-and-fall accidents.

With people who are particularly disposed to serious injury, such as senior citizens, pregnant women, people with physical disabilities, and small children, implementing this radiant-type system outdoors in your driveway, walkway, stairs, and/or patio is sure to avert an ugly mishap.

Another compelling reason for utilizing this winter system is convenience. No more shoveling or salting to remove the snow and ice. This system completely eliminates the need for labor-intensive snow removal and any harmful-chemical melting agents.

Additionally, these snow and ice melt systems are highly desirable and add to your home’s resale value should you decide to move one day.

Let’s Talk Snow and Ice Melt

If you are considering including a snow and ice melt system in your home update, or if you would simply like more details how it could work for you, call our knowledgeable Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning professionals at 708-423-9580 or request service online. A trained member of our team would be more than happy to talk with you.