Many homeowners mistakenly confuse their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance with service and repairs or use the terms maintenance and service and repairs interchangeably. This can lead to misunderstandings in regard to properly caring for your home’s heating and cooling system.

At Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend regular maintenance on your system to ensure high efficiency and a long life span. Our heating and cooling professionals are highly trained and certified to perform maintenance on your units. We are equally trained and experienced if your system needs service and repairs. No matter what your HVAC needs are, Doornbos is here for you.

The Difference

Though there are Orland Park, IL, and surrounding South Suburbs homeowners who consider maintenance the same as service and repairs, they are not the same. The term maintenance refers to preventative care you take on a regular basis with your HVAC system. The actions performed as part of maintenance, such as tune-ups, assist your system in running at its peak performance from day to day and extend its life.

The term service and repairs refers to fixing something that has gone wrong with your heating and cooling system. Examples of this are if your furnace starts to make a strange noise or your air conditioner begins blowing warm air. These are immediate scenarios that require one of our professionals to restore your unit to its usual operation.


At Doornbos, we strongly recommend regular maintenance on your system. Just like any system or unit you own, it needs routine care. You would never simply drive your car for years on end without changing the oil or rotating the tires. The same principle applies to your home’s heating and cooling system. Your system requires consistent, proper attention known as maintenance.

We suggest scheduling one of our North American Technician Excellence (NATE) trained experts to perform preventative maintenance on your system at least once annually. What works best for proper maintenance is one seasonal heating check and one seasonal air conditioning check. This will keep your heating and cooling system ready to go when you need it.

During a maintenance visit, our specially trained experts will clean and check your system. This involves checking all its parts to be sure they are in top condition and performing efficiently. Any parts showing wear and tear will be noted and discussed with you for an appropriate time for replacements.

All components of your system will be cleaned and your filter will be replaced. Your filter plays an important role in your home’s indoor air quality as well as promoting your system’s high efficiency. We recommend changing your filter every three months or more, depending on factors in your home such as chronic illnesses, pets, and smoking. Your heating and cooling system can’t work as it’s intended to work without excellent airflow, which your filter can either support or impede.

Regular maintenance keeps your system’s energy efficiency high, so you are not paying extra for energy costs. Maintenance also prevents unexpected, costly repairs and extends your heating and cooling system’s life.

We feel so strongly about regular HVAC preventative maintenance, we offer various maintenance plans. Our plans take the effort out of maintenance for you, ensuring your Chicago area home’s heating and cooling system receives its needed maintenance. We designed several levels to meet the service and financial needs of all our clients. Call us today to discuss the best plan for you.

Service and Repairs

There are times your heating and cooling system needs an unexpected repair. In those cases, our knowledgeable and experienced repair professionals are available. We will promptly diagnose the issue and make the appropriate repair. At Doornbos, we service all makes and models—you never have to worry you have a system unfamiliar to us.

We have been in business since 1927, so you can have peace of mind that we will know exactly how to repair your system—and do it quickly. Our professionals stay educated on the industry’s newest technology, so whether your system is original to your home or is a newer model, we can address your repair without issue.

Since we have been around since 1927, we know not all needed repairs occur at convenient times. That is why we offer emergency service—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And since we also know how frustrating an emergency is already, you will always speak directly to a friendly and knowledgeable Doornbos team member when you call for emergency assistance. We don’t believe in leaving messages when it comes to emergencies.

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Regardless if you need regular maintenance or require one of our professionals to help with a service and repair, you can count on Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us here in the Orland Park, IL, area at 708-423-9580 or request service online today. We make it our business to always be here for you.

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“Doornbos has installed my furnace and air conditioning units and maintained them for 46 years. Cheerful and friendly Joyce calls to set up the spring and fall maintenance calls and lets me know when the serviceman is on his way. The service men are professional and explain what they have done. I do vote Doornbos for Best Heating and Cooling of Southland 2023!”

– Judith H.

- Judith H.

“Rep from Doornbos (Mr Moe) who arrived to address some maintenance needs was an exceptionally sound technical rep who I would “HIGHLY” recommend. Excellent representative of the company.”

– Bob B.

- Bob B.

“The technician was professional and friendly. He arrived on time and completed the job in a timely matter. He was respectful of my property as he entered and exited to perform maintenance on my air conditioner. He advised be that no problems were found and that everything appeared to be functioning correctly. He asked if I had any questions, and I did not have any. The experience was one that I felt comfortable with him being in my home.”

– Katie S.

- Katie S.

“Mark was prompt, courteous and efficient. He explained the work he was doing and answered my questions. I was very impressed with Mark and would gladly have him back.”

– Geraldine W.

- Geraldine W.

“I was very satisfied with the service and expertise Mark provided in servicing my air conditioning. I most appreciate the flexibility in scheduling around my work hours.”

– Robin A.

- Robin A.

“Mark was here today for our annual AC maintenance
Mark is always professional and keeps our HVAC running efficiently we are very pleased his knowledge and workmanship”

– Eva A.

- Eva A.

“My overall experience has been wonderful. Within two hours of Calling, Dan came out to our house. He was very nice kind and professional. We were pretty confident our air conditioner was low on coolant. Dan answered all our questions checked everything and then confirmed we were correct. He charged it up for us as well as set up a consultation for an estimate on a new air conditioner and furnace. Very professional place with very kind people working!”

– Amy W.

- Amy W.

“Wanted to let you know how great Moe was during our May check-up. He explained everything carefully, was considerate of our surroundings and made sure I was satisfied before he left. He told me about a possible issue with one of the AC units and informed me of what to look for. I hope that I do not have to call, but the fact that he told me, lets me know I need to call as soon as possible. Thanks Moe!!!”

– Don W.

- Don W.

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