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Central Air… Anywhere SpacePak is the small duct, central air conditioning and heating solution for homes not conducive to traditional ducted systems. From classic Victorians and simple Capes to modern custom homes and new additions, SpacePak brings cooling and heating comfort while preserving the design and aesthetic integrity of your home.
SpacePak is the original small duct air distribution system and has been successfully conditioning homes through its unique energy efficient process for over 40 years.
The many benefits of SpacePak include:

  • Installation without major remodeling
  • High efficiency cooling while removing 30% more humidity
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Space-saving aesthetically pleasing installation
  • Application flexibility – install outlets virtually anywhere

What is the SpacePak Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) central heating and cooling system?

SpacePak Heating and Air Conditioning systems are Small Duct High Velocity central comfort systems that are ideal for buildings, or homes that are hard to cool, or heat. Structures with unique construction, limited mechanical space or homes heated by hot water, steam, or radiant heat are all ideal applications. SpacePak’s small, flexible duct runs make even the toughest jobs possible. SpacePak is also very efficient when compared to conventional air conditioning systems. SpacePak reduces the amount of humidity by an additional 30% over conventional systems making it very cost effective and comfortable.