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Your 2024 HVAC Resolutions

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When making your New Year’s resolutions, did you remember to include your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system?

Yes, adding your heating and cooling system to your 2024 to-do list may seem like an odd addition. But considering how your HVAC equipment affects your day-to-day life in Illinois, it is as worthy a goal as improving your health, finances, and happiness!

Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning can help you tackle home improvement resolutions, shorten your to-do list, and reach your HVAC goals. We have been in business for nearly a century, serving residential and commercial customers in Greater Chicago. 

Our qualified technicians maintain, repair, and install indoor air quality (IAQ) products, zone systems, ductwork, thermostats, and heating and cooling units. We know HVAC inside and out but encourage you to get hands-on with some easy do-it-yourself maintenance tasks in your Orland Park home.

We also offer these suggestions for your 2024 HVAC goals:

Clean Your Indoor Air

Ask us at Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning for solutions that improve indoor air. 

Consider scheduling duct cleaning if you notice excessive dust in your home. Over time, debris can accumulate inside ductwork, clinging to the walls of your system’s air ducts. Our professionals can remove the dust and dirt, preventing it from entering your living space.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a low humidity level, between 30 and 50 percent. A whole-house dehumidifier will maintain that level and discourage mold growth.

If you are concerned about viruses and bacteria in your indoor air, consider installing an air purifier or ultraviolet (UV) lights in your HVAC system. 

Our Chicago air quality experts can guide you through air quality improvement products and help you choose the best solution for your needs. We proudly offer Carrier air purifiers and humidifiers, the Respicaire OXY 4 AirPurifier, and AprilAire’s whole-house dehumidifier. 

Changing Air Filters

Inspect them regularly, at least every month, and replace them when dirty. Install a new air filter at least every 90 days.

A clean air filter traps dust and dirt before it clogs our HVAC equipment and your indoor air. A dirty filter with debris buildup restricts airflow and causes your HVAC equipment to work harder and less efficiently.

Keep a few clean filters on hand. Ask our Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning experts if your system would benefit from a high-efficiency filter. 

Maintaining Your HVAC Equipment

Maintenance is essential for detecting and correcting minor equipment issues before they spiral out of control and cause system breakdowns. The longer you put off maintenance, the more likely you will end up paying for a fix you may have avoided by addressing it sooner. 

Maintenance also rejuvenates your HVAC system by cleaning key components and lubricating moving parts. It boosts energy efficiency and ensures safe operation.

Schedule a furnace, boiler, or heat pump tune-up in the fall and a cooling system checkup in the spring. Leave the heavy lifting to our experienced technicians. 

Need a reminder to schedule maintenance? Consider joining our maintenance plan. We will contact you to schedule equipment maintenance and offer an assortment of perks, such as priority service and discounts on parts and labor. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) states you can save up to 10 percent on annual heating and cooling costs by turning your thermostat back 7° to 10° Fahrenheit for eight hours a day from its usual setting.

If you own a standard, non-programmable thermostat, the only way you can dial the temperature up or down in your Orland Park home is manually. If you forget to change the temperature before leaving your home for work, you will waste energy and money heating or cooling an unoccupied house for several hours. 

You can schedule temperature changes daily or weekly with a programmable thermostat. 

The most convenient option, a smart thermostat, enables you to change settings remotely with an app on your smartphone. Some smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature by “learning” your home occupancy patterns. Most offer data to help you understand when and how you use energy. 

Get Organized

Keep track of scheduled maintenance and repairs on a planning calendar or home maintenance journal. Jot down a brief explanation of each repair. 

Use your maintenance journal to note any strange sounds or signs your HVAC equipment may need repair. Include photos. The information will help you describe your observations during a service call. 

Keep repair and maintenance receipts, system manuals, and warranties.

Begin Working Toward Your Goals

At Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning, we encourage you to give your HVAC system a little TLC throughout the year. Let us know how we can help improve comfort in your Orland Park, IL, home this year. Call us at 708-529-6216 or request service online.