Air Conditioner Repair in Palo Park, IL 60464

“On 8/12, we discovered that our air conditioning unit in a part of our home was not cooling. It was later discovered that while the unit inside the house was running, the unit outside the house was not running. We placed a call to Doornbos to schedule a service call that afternoon while trying to balance other appointments outside the home. George came to our home and quickly diagnosed the problem which was the outside unit’s capacitor had failed possibly due to a recent ComEd power surge. George replaced the capacitor and had us turn the unit off and on. Now, the air conditioning unit is working beautifully! We would like to thank George and Doornbos very much for coming out so quickly and getting this issue resolved. We would like further thank George and Doornbos for helping balance this appointment with the other appointments we had already scheduled for that day. George and Doornbos are each superb and deserve the highest praise for their high professionalism. We look forward to seeing George this fall for routine service for our heating units. Thank you very much!”

– Michael G.