2024 HVAC Tax Credits Help You Upgrade Your Comfort and Save!

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2024 HVAC Tax Credits Help You Upgrade Your Comfort and Save!

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Investing in a high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your Orland Park home is not only about improving your comfort and lowering your energy bills—it is also a smart financial decision.

There are generous tax incentives available in 2024!

At Doornbos Heating & Air Conditioning, we have remained committed to providing you with innovative heating and cooling solutions for your home since we first opened our doors in 1927. We proudly continue to seek and share all of the available benefits, resources, and financial incentives that are available to you to help enhance your comfort at home and maximize your savings.

Why Upgrade Your HVAC System?

The reality is that your aging HVAC system might be less efficient and not nearly as environmentally friendly as newer models available today.

Upgrading to a high-efficiency model helps enhance your indoor air quality (IAQ), lowers your carbon footprint, and reduces your energy consumption, leading to significant and highly desired cost savings. Replacing your current system with a newer model is an investment, but you can recoup some of the upfront costs now that the federal government is offering energy tax credits.

In fact, ENERGY STAR® reports that replacing HVAC equipment with a newer model can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent.

HVAC Tax Credits and Incentives

Doornbos Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping you find the perfect high-efficiency HVAC system that helps you reach all of your comfort goals and qualifies for financial incentives. Whether you are looking for a new furnace, heat pump, or other equipment, our qualified team can recommend the best options based on your needs and budget.

Federal Tax Credits for Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 offers tax credits for high-efficiency HVAC units installed through 2032. You can deduct up to 30 percent of the purchase and installation costs, with caps depending on the equipment type:

  • Up to $600 for qualifying air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters
  • Up to $2,000 for qualifying air-source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters
  • Up to $150 for energy audits and $600 for electric panel upgrades
  • Up to 1,200 for home insulation and up to $600 for windows and skylights

Geothermal systems and solar panels are uncapped at 30 percent. However, the 30 percent credit decreases to 26 percent in 2032 and then to 22 percent in 2033.


Specific guidelines apply to qualify for tax credits. For example, gas furnaces must be ENERGY STAR certified with a minimum annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 97 percent.

Let Our Experts Help You Navigate All These HVAC Tax Credits and Incentives

We understand navigating financial incentives can be overwhelming. Our experts are here to help you understand your options and maximize your savings. We can recommend equipment that qualifies for tax credits and guide you through the application process.

Upgrade the HVAC Equipment In Your Home and Save Today!

Doornbos Heating & Air Conditioning is here and ready to discuss your Orland Park, IL, home’s HVAC upgrade options. We can help you learn how to save money with the available HVAC tax credits. Call us at 708-529-6216 or request a service online.