2023 Rebates and Tax Credits for HVAC Upgrades

A woman does bills. 2023 Rebates and Tax Credits for HVAC Upgrades.

Making energy-saving improvements in your Illinois home has never been more affordable. 

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 makes tax credits and rebates available beginning this year for electric appliances, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, insulation, solar panels, and other energy-saving home enhancements. 

You can claim tax credits for the next 10 years and obtain rebates through 2032. The financial incentives can make a significant dent in equipment costs. 

Let our experts at Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning determine if the HVAC system in your Alsip home is a good candidate for replacement. If your furnace, for example, is nearing the end of its useful service life and losing efficiency, it makes sense to upgrade and cash in on tax credits or rebates. 

Doornbos Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted and award-winning local HVAC company with nearly a century of experience serving customers in the Chicago area. We can recommend the best heating and cooling equipment for your home that will carry the ENERGY STAR® rating and qualify for financial incentives. 

IRA Tax Credits

Tax credits are available for product purchases and installation this year through Dec. 31, 2032.

The list of qualified improvement projects includes electric panel upgrades, home energy audits, heating and cooling equipment, solar energy systems, biomass stoves, wind turbines, water heaters, home insulation, windows and skylights, and exterior doors.

You can claim 30 percent of the project cost for HVAC improvements.  The maximum credits are $2,000 for heat pumps and $600 for central air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers.  

Here is a closer look at HVAC products and eligibility requirements: 

All ducted air-source heat pumps with the ENERGY STAR label qualify. 

Split air conditioner systems must have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER2) of 16 or more. SEER2 ratings are an indicator of energy efficiency. The higher the SEER2 number, the less electricity the unit uses to cool your home. All packaged systems with ENERGY STAR certification are eligible.

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