Gas Furnace Replacement in Other, IL 60534

Gas Furnace Replacement in Other, IL 60534

“Fair price for replacement of the entire furnace and air conditioner. Salesman made it sound simple but it wasn’t going to be.

Thankfully the installers were great and willing to work with me on solutions to complications that came up. Better ideas than the manager they had come and look at the problems.

It took a little longer to install than what was “sold” to me but I expected that. I really didn’t buy into the “simple” install the salesman was trying to sell.

So why did I buy from Doornbos? Like I said quality equipment at a good price. All the other salesman from the other companies weren’t any different so just look for the quality products and experienced installers.
Doornbos has those, use them even if the price is a little cheaper somewhere else.”

– Daniel G.